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Bajer & Bajerová, attorneys-at-law

We are attorneys-at-law in the Czech Republic who provide legal help and advice at a high-level with experience. We focus on a client’s individual needs and take a modern approach to legal services.

We provide comprehensive legal services and assistance in all areas of law. The special focus of the office are private foundations, endowment and trust funds set up for individual protection and management of the client's assets.

We will be happy to assist you with any of your legal issues in order to achieve your maximum satisfaction.
We can discuss your matter or requirement in our office in Prague or in Roudnice nad Labem or at your place.


JUDr. Jan Bajer, attorney-at-law

JUDr. Jan Bajer is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno. During his studies, he received scholarships for foreign study stays in Australia at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and India at "The National University of Advanced Legal Studies." During his stays, he gained both his professional and foreign language proficiency.


The theme of his diploma thesis was "Concentrative and cooperative joint ventures from the point of view of competition law". Within the defense of the subsequent rigorous thesis, he dealt with the topic of foundation law: "The Private Foundation - Comparison of Czech and Liechtenstein Legislation".


He is the author of C. H. BECK's legal commentary on the new Civil Code in the section regarding Foundation and Endowment Funds, which came out in 2017.

Jan Bajer originally practiced law in a medium-sized Czech-Slovak law office in Brno and Prague, focusing on foreign, mostly German-speaking clients. He advised clients in commercial law, real estate law, contracts and obligations, and also represented them at courts and administrative authorities.


Now, besides the above, he focuses mainly on the private use of foundations, endowment funds and trust funds for his clients.


In the course of practicing advocacy, he speaks fluent English and German in both spoken and written form. The Spanish language is a hobby.

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JUDr. Lucie Bajerová, attorney-at-law

JUDr. Lucie Bajerová also studied law at the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno. During her studies, she spent time abroad at Aarhus University in Denmark and also in India at "The National University of Advanced Legal Studies" which represented a great opportunity to improve both professional and language knowledge.


She chose "The Status of the European Union's Citizens - Individuals without EU Citizenship" as the topic of her thesis. She then successfully defended her rigorous work on "Occupational examinations of employees".


After completing her studies, she worked as an attorney in two legal practices in Brno and later in Prague. First, she dealt with so-called general practice (civil, family, labor and criminal law) and then focused on business law, compliance and internal auditing of financial institutions and the corporate agenda.


Her practical knowledge and experience is currently provided to clients by Bajer & Bajerová, attorneys-at-law.


In the course of practicing advocacy, she speaks fluent English, both in the spoken and written form.

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Mgr. Marie Dufková, attorney-at-law

Mgr. Dufková is a permanently cooperating attorney-at-law of the office, where she works as a long-
term and mainly indispensable member of the team.

Marie is a successful graduate of the Faculty of
Law of Palacký University in Olomouc, where she studied since 2010.


In her legal practice, she
focuses mainly on real estate law - transfers, pledges or easement of real estate, but also on civil and
criminal law and agenda of receivables.

At the communication level she speaks English and German.

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Tadeáš Brožík, legal assistant

Tadeáš Brožík is a student at the Faculty of Law of Západočeská univerzita v Plzni and has been working in the office since the end of 2019 as a full member and support of the legal team.

Nela Kryčinská

Kateřina Fenglová is the head of the office, who ensures the administrative operation of the entire office and acts as a unifying element of the entire team.

Services provided and focus

Bajer & Bajerová, attorneys-at-law provide legal services in all fields of law, especially:


  • drafting, reviewing and revising contracts,
  • setting-up of companies and corporate structure-changing,
  • setting of holding structures,
  • general meetings, changes of managing directors,
  • share transfers,
  • investments,
  • legal "due diligence" and "compliance",
  • employment contracts and related issues,
  • licenses and intellectual property rights,
  • recovery of debt and receivables,
  • enforcement and insolvency proceedings,
  • damages,
  • representation before courts, etc.


  • drafting, reviewing or adjusting contracts (purchase, work, rental, etc.)
  • real estate (land, apartments, houses) and their sale, donation, establishment of easements, land registry of real estates,
  • settlement and modification of co-ownership,
  • settlement of the assets of former spouses, divorces of spouses, adjustment of community property
  • inheritance,
  • damages,
  • attorney-at-law custody,
  • representation at courts, etc

Criminal law agenda

  • defense at court,
  • representation in proceedings conducted by the Police of the Czech Republic,
  • recovering damages from the injured party, etc.


Legal services in India

  • Our office has long been working with Indian clients and as well
    as with Indian law firms, particularly from Delhi (Delhi) and Mumbai (Mumbai).
  • If you are seeking legal services in the Czech Republic in the European Union (eg
    establishment / incorporation / setting up of suitable company like Company, LLP,
    Branch Office), please contact us, we have experience and contacts.
  • Our offices are in Prague.
  • One of our partners in India is Chambers of Rajan & Indraneel,
    a law and tax office based in the centre of Delhi. https://chrilegal.com/



The special focus of the office are private foundations, endowment and trust funds set up for the individual protection and management of the client's assets.

They represent a very interesting solution to legal issues related to:

  • property protection and management,
  • division of the property or ownership structure,
  • inheritance,
  • generational variations and succession in "business"
  • passing the "business" to the next generation,
  • family businesses,
  • tax optimization,
  • partial but legal anonymity.

More information on this issue can be found at: www.sverenskefondy-nadace.cz


Issues in tax closely related to the law we consult with our cooperating tax advisers.


We cooperate with notary offices in Prague, Brno and Litoměřice.


We also provide all services in English and German. Alternatively, we can provide more extensive translations into German, English or other languages.


JUDr. Jan Bajer,  attorney-at-law

Evidence number in Czech Bar Association 16242 | ID number: 04005279
+420 605 322 133 | bajer@akbajerovi.cz



JUDr. Lucie Bajerová, attorney-at-law

Evidence number in Czech Bar Association 16335 | ID number: 04010884
+420 603 851 621 | bajerova@akbajerovi.cz

Bajer & Bajerová advokáti, s.r.o.

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